“Yoga Set: Blocks, Strap, Ball, Bands, Anchor, Rope, Bag.” Note: The revised title now fits within the given character limit of 60 characters while still conveying the various yoga accessories included in the product set.


Introducing the Yoga Starter Sets, a comprehensive package that includes all the essentials for a successful yoga practice. This set includes yoga blocks, a yoga strap, resistance bands, a yoga ball, and a jump rope. The yoga blocks provide support and assistance for difficult poses, while the yoga strap allows for proper stretching and muscle targeting. The resistance bands offer varying levels of intensity for a customized workout, and the yoga ball improves endurance and balance. With the included workout instruction book, you can easily learn how to effectively use these tools. Plus, the set comes with a gym drawstring bag for easy transportation. Upgrade your yoga practice with the Yoga Starter Sets.