Tumaz Stretching Strap – 10 Loop Non-Elastic Yoga Strap – Perfect Home Workout for Physical Therapy, Yoga, Pilates


Tumaz is a brand focused on promoting an active and colorful lifestyle through their fitness accessories. Their range includes the Tumaz Yoga Mat Strap, Yoga Strap, Multi-loop Stretching Strap, and Yoga Blocks 2 Pack & Strap Set, all designed to enhance workouts and aid in recovery. The products are designed for various purposes, including physical therapy, yoga, fitness, and pilates. The exercise straps are washable, durable, and skin-friendly, with a maximum tested load of 2,379 lbs. Tumaz also offers unmatched customer service, with a 60-day warranty and a satisfaction guarantee. They aim to inspire a fun and active life with their high-quality and versatile exercise straps.

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