Noerden Smart Body Scale – Bluetooth, LED Display, 9 Biometrics – White


The NOERDEN Smart body scale, MINIMI, is a compact and high-quality fitness and activity monitor that measures 9 biometrics including Weight, BMI, Fat Mass, and Hydration. It uses BIA Technology to send data to the NOERDEN App via Bluetooth, providing easy-to-understand graphics and personalized algorithms for accurate results. The scale is easy to use, with explanations and advice for each biometric. Additionally, the scale has an Athlete mode and can accommodate unlimited users. This smart body scale is designed to maximize body and mind capabilities and help users achieve their fitness goals. In addition to MINIMI, NOERDEN offers other fitness tech products such as LIZ, a smart bottle, and MATE2+ Hybrid Smartwatch, to help users track their health and fitness progress.