Multi-Functional Pelvic Hip Trainer Thigh Master for Home Gym


Discover the versatility and durability of DORUIMI Pelvic Hip Trainer, the perfect strength training device for toning your thighs and lifting your buttocks. This device integrates various functions and uses soft, impact-resistant, non-slip, compression-resistant materials for comfortable and effective training. Follow the arm and back action sequence demonstration with the Thigh Master and reduce arm and back fat effectively. With the Pelvic Hip Trainer, follow the thigh and buttocks series of action demonstration to reduce fat in your legs and buttocks, lift your buttocks, reset your pelvis, and correct your spine’s posture. This 360° rotating detachable design is suitable for everyone and promotes postpartum recovery and toning. This resistance training device is perfect for shaping and toning your lower body, making it an excellent product to keep you in shape.